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Archaeological Sites Uomo di Altamura

Immagine di Uomo di Altamura

Strada provinciale n.157 (Altamura-Quasano) - Altamura [Map]

Biglietto: € 2,50; Gruppi: € 2,25 (gruppi min.20 persone); Il biglietto comprende: accompagnamento alla grotta e visita virtuale in 3D dell'uomo di Altamura

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It was found in the autumn of 1993 that some speleologists succeded in entering a karst subterranean cave system in the area of “Lamalunga”, a rural district on the outskirts of Altamura (Bari). The cave appeared to be full of nice and delicate calcareous concretions as well as of numerous fossilized faunal finds. During one of these exploratory investigations, the speleologists ran across a discovery without equal: a very important paleo-anthropological find, i.e. the so-called “Uomo di Altamura” (man of Altamura).  


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