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Historical Buildings Palazzo del Sedile

Immagine di Palazzo del Sedile
Literary sources begin to make mention of the building in 1466. Within its walls, the members of the municipal assembly used to met. In 1601, while the cathedral bells were chiming, a fire broke out in a store situated in the square and spread through the nearby houses reaching to the arsenal. Many people volunteered immediately to put the barrels full of gunpowder away. They had almost succeded in the undertaking when the last two barrels exploded, resulting in 60 victims and the wiping out of many houses and of the nearby church of our Lady of Mercy. In 1602 the building was reconstructed on behalf of the University and in 1604 on the front of a bell tower was installed a clock, which came from Germany and was the first one in Apulia chiming on the hour as well as on every quarter hour. In the XVII century the open-sided loggia was built on behalf of the merchant Stefano Fabbri from Ferrara until 1835 the building was converted into a municipal theatre, but when one evening during a play a creaking sound caused a panic and there was fear that the building might collapse, the theatre closed down definitively and the building was sold to private persons.


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