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Theatres Teatro Margherita

Immagine di Teatro Margherita
Entirely reconstructed with brickwork and resting on detached pillars well founded in water, it was inaugurated on the 22th august 1914. It occupies an area of 3500 sqm. The art-nouveau style of the  structure was not suitable to the usual variety shows, sometimes also smutty, considering the times. Actually, the show was limited to the exhibition of a famous as well as often an extemporizing chanteuse. On the 11th march 1916 it started with a performance of "lucy of lammermoor" to attain high artistic standards. The "kursal margherita" was thus inaugurated and represented a significant component of the history of bari with its operas and operettas, played by famous companies. In the thirties the theatre housed the municipal history museum. Unfortunately, at the end of seventies the theatre closed down.


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