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Churches Chiesa Ortodossa Russa San Nicola

Immagine di Chiesa Ortodossa Russa San Nicola

Corso Benedetto Croce, 130 - Bari [Map]

  • Saturday: 18.00-20.00
  • Sunday: 10.00-12.30


The foundation stone was laid on the 22nd of may 1913. The municipal and the Russian authorities gave as a gift a large icon of st. Nicholas, painted according to ancient traditional formulas. The ceremony went on for one hour and concluded with a speech of thanks by the mayor of Bari Fiorese and the Russian Prince Zelachov.
The church was completed only after the end of the first world war. Since then the yearly  pilgrimages continue.
After the Russian revolution, the members of the Greek orthodox church were more numerous than the  members of the Russian one. In 1937 the church became the property of the municipal government of Bari, which agreed to take responsibility for respecting the ecclesiastical property of the building, for  preserving the religious function of the sacred place and for giving over some rooms of the shelter to the childcare centre "M. Diana".in 1969 the Second Vatican Council and Lucio Demo allowed the celebration of the orthodox services in the crypt of the Basilica of St. Nicholas as a mark of friendship, respect and concord with the members of the orthodox church.
Recently restored, the Russian church continues to be a bridge between Bari and the Eastern Europe's populations as well as with the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea.


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