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Libraries/Museums/Art Galleries Museo Nicolaiano

Immagine di Museo Nicolaiano

Strada Vanese, 1 - Bari [Map]

  • From Monday to Sunday: 10.30 - 18.00

3,00; gratis fino a 12 anni; € 2,00 gruppi (min.30)

In an exhibition area of 800 square meters are put on display a hundred historical pieces:

  •  vestments, paintings and icons, silver and gold high quality artefacts,
  •  pieces of historical and artistic interest from the Byzantine age onwards. In the museum dedicated to St Nicholas are also displayed
  • some archeological remains founded within the so-called “Cittadella Nicolaiana”, as for example stone inscriptions dating from the Byzantine period.

The museum also houses a hi-tech multimedia hall, equipped with touch screen monitors and a projection room: here tourists, pilgrims and students can discover both the historical reconstruction of the translation of the saint’s relics as well as the history of the Basilica and Bari, which is from a thousand years a crossroads for the movement of people, faiths and cultures between East and West united under the protection of St. Nicholas.


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