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Churches Cattedrale San Sabino - Succorpo

Immagine di Cattedrale San Sabino - Succorpo

Piazza dell'Odegitria - Bari [Map]

  • Daily: 09.30 - 12.30
  • Tuesday and Friday: closed

1,50 (7/15 anni); € 3,00 (15/65 anni); gratis (oltre i 65 anni e 1/6 anni) GRUPPI:Prenotazione obbligatoria


The recent works have unearthed the remains of Roman and medieval times that sum up the rich history of the city since the ancient times, it was the meeting point of all the civilizations of the Mediterranean. There were discovered the remains of late Roman and Byzantine: a wall that certainly marked the forum of the city; the base of a small Byzantine church, beautiful mosaic floors that seem to play almost modern designs, ceramics, pottery and more.


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