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Churches Cattedrale San Sabino

Immagine di Cattedrale San Sabino

Piazza dell'Odegitria - Bari [Map]

  • Daily: 08.00/12.30-16,00/19.30
  • Sunday: 08.00/12.30-17,00/20.30


The Cathedral of Bari, which was erected in the first half of the XI century, stands at Odegitria Square. It is devoted to the Saint Sabinus and represents an important creation of the Apulian Romanesque architecture. 
After the total destruction of the city by William I the Bad, it was rebuilt in the following century by the archbishop Rainald. 
The church has got a simple façade with gabled roof. The facade is divided into three parts by means of pilaster strips and adorned in the lower part with  three portals of the XI century.


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