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Streets and Squares Lungomare Imperatore Augusto

Immagine di Lungomare Imperatore Augusto
The monumental levantine sea-front was built between the end of the twenties and the thirties. The main building along the coast is the Palazzo della Provincia
(provincial government building), designed by the engineer Luigi Baffa and built between 1932 and 1935. The building, easily distinguished by its high bell tower and a sumptuous portico, houses the Pinacoteca Provinciale (provincial art gallery). Apart from the levantine coast, the rest of the sea-front stretching around the old city and then onwards to the north , reaching its end in the area of the "Fiera del Levante", provides a similarly impressive spectacle of important public buildings, such as the palazzo dell'Intendenza di Finanza (revenue office, 1931-32), the former faculty of Economy and Commerce (1935) and several "caserme" (barracks, 1930-32).


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