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Castles Castello Normanno Svevo

Immagine di Castello Normanno Svevo

Piazza Federico II di Svevia n° 4 - Bari [Map]

  • Daily: 09.30 - 18.30
  • Wednesday: chiuso

€ 1,50 (19/25 anni); € 3.00 (26/65 anni); Gratis da 0 a 18 anni e oltre i 65 anni

The castle, historically attributed to Ruggero the Norman, is dated back to 1131. It was built over previous houses of Byzantine period. The castle was recovered by the Swabian Emperor Frederick II between 1233 and 1240, it had been damaged previously by attacks of Guglielmo il Malo (1156), they kept the previous plan and the remains of the trapezoidal shape structure of the external walls and of the towers. During Angevin period, thanks to 1277 Charles I of Anjou, was made an important restoration, under the supervision of architects Pietro d’Angicourt and Giovanni di Toul.

In the 16th century, under the rule of Isabel of Aragon and her daughter Bona Sforza, was built bastioned walls and the moat on three sides of the castle, also the central courtyard and the double-staircase.

After 1831, the castle was turned into a prison and barracks. Nowadays, it houses the “Gipsoteca” in some rooms and it host important temporary art exhibitions. Also it houses the Environmental and Architectural's Heritage Management of the provinces of  Bari, BAT and Foggia. 


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