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Churches Santuario Madonna d'Ibernia

Immagine di Santuario Madonna d'Ibernia

The wide Baroque church until 1967, consisted of a high-vaulted central aisle and two low-vaulted aisles. The central aisle ended with the small sanctuary and the altar of Our Lady. The priest prof. Quirico Punzi brought several changes since 1967, the small sanctuary was replaced with the current complex of brick, with a central altar, in the marble niche was placed the painting of the Virgin and the churchyard was completed with chianche. From immemorial times an ancient provision establishes that the clergy of Cisternino is required to be accompanied with the confraternity and the people, from the parish to the sanctuary during the procession on Easter Monday and at the dawn of August 15.
This rite supports the tradition that in Cisternino there were two small community of monks, said Basilian.
Every day of the year and especially on Saturdays, it becomes an obligation for mothers forthcoming to motherhood go on foot to the shrine. This gesture is repeated for 15 consecutive Saturdays in a sign of true faith in Our Lady of Hibernia, Mother of Mothers, protector of fertility and motherhood.


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