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Immagine di La casa alla fasanese - Il museo

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It dates back to the end of the 16th century and it is an original building made up of tophus. Differently from other buildings in the neighbourhood, the traditional house in Fasano has a specific and original subdivision of the various spaces, which enables the fruition and rationalization of the various rooms. The prototype is composed of a main room which can be reached directly from the road and represents the living room and the kitchen. Through an arch, of baroque style, we can find the “alcova” a bedroom used by the household, closed, if necessary, by a curtain. Next to the “alcova” there is a “camerino” a little bedroom for the sons. Upstairs there is the “mezzanino”, reacheable through a ladder, for the daughters, who, in this way, are preserved from any kind of danger.

The house is an important part of the Palace which has included its structure and preserved its integrity. On the inside there is the traditional setting of a typical house of the late 18th century with furniture, objects and a female costume of that period in Fasano.


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