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Trails/Valleys/Suburbs Terme di Torre Canne

Immagine di Terme di Torre Canne

For over one hundred years the thermal springs of Torre Canne have known for their healing virtues. The waters, rich in salt, are mineral waters, "chloride-sulphate-sodium with a light bromide" they have important and recognized health and body welfare properties. A park of coniferes and tamarisks includes 11 springs  coming from underground rivers., fed by catchment basins, formed after soil fractures due to earthquakes, occurring in the Mesozoic period.

From these sources comes the pond of the thermal bath, where healing prosperties muds, have matured for over thousands of years. In fact in the spillway and in the lakes, originated from the hot springs, there is the mud, used for therapeutic use.

It a source of mude formed mainly by calcium silicate,alumina and iron with a small quantities of magnesium, iodine and traces of phosphates, with organic debris.


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