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Historical Buildings Palazzo Mogavèro / Albano

Immagine di Palazzo Mogavèro / Albano

The Palazzo Albano was built by Mogavèro a Spanish Captain, in 1693 on a previous buiding next to St. Nicola's church. Today this place is considered an important historic monument.
The original part was already in existence in 1678 when on June 21nd a Saracen belonging to the band that had attacked Fasano, was followed and killed in the main doorway of this building.
After Mogavèro the building belonged to the Pepes (Ignazio Ciaia's mother's family), then it was bought by the Melpignano-Albano families in 1916.
It is an example of Baroque-Rococò architecture and overlooks Corso Garibaldi with charming details dating back to the late XVIIth century.
Its only balcony rests on richly sculpted corbels, on it there are two French doors and an oval cornice with a "rocailles" decoration.
The second floor is characterized by a balcony with three round arches and a balustrade made of stone.
The façade overlooking St. Nicola's Street, in the nicest corner of Ciaia Square, has an arcade with three arches surmounted by a balustrade terrace and a small balcony  with a tympanum and bent arches that hold up the knightly coat of arms.


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