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Churches Chiesa delle Anime Purganti

Immagine di Chiesa delle Anime Purganti

Built in 1696 as the cartouche con architrave of the mail door attests, it was later restored in 1776. It was an example of XVIIth century architecture and an example of the Confraternity Order. It is rich in Baroque decorations and in the only nave, there is a beautiful main altar made of polychrome marble in the Neapolitan school, XVIIIth century painting and frescoes by Nunzio Bonamassa, Domenico Carella and Ottavio Lavagna. 11 small paintings of Via Crucis by an unknown author, a XVIIIth century wooden choir, a XVIIIth century organ. The throne for Eucharistic exhibition is by an unknown carver. The altars on the left are devoted to St. Nicolas from Tolentino and to the Dead Christ; the right ones are devoted to St. Michael and to Our Lady of Sorrows.We  should also note the niche with the bust of St. Francesco from Paola and the called treasure of the Confraternity: chalices, pyxes, monstrances, candelabra, reliquaries.


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