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Churches Chiesa San Francesco da Paola

Immagine di Chiesa San Francesco da Paola

The building of this church is linked to the folk tale of Leonardo Carrieri, a soldier from Fasano, who promised to San Francesco da Paola that, once he had come back to Fasano unhurt, he would have become a friar. Under the name of Fra Fortunato, he asked to the town hall of Fasano the granting of a land in order to build a church and a hospice. The building started in the XVII century and, after some remake activities, was finally restored and ended in 1870.

The baroque façade has two orders with regularly spaced pilasters; over the arched tympanum stands the statue of San Francesco; the interior of the church is composed of one nave with side chapels; the main altar dedicated to the Vergine de La Salette was built by Pietro Massari, a local artisan.

On the left there are three altars dedicated to the Madonna del Carmelo, the Crucifixion, and San Francesco da Paola while on the right there are three altars dedicated to the Assumption, the Madonna del Pozzo, and S. Lucia and S. Michele with a painting representing the Holy Family on it. Most of the works of the church belong to the Neapolitan and Apulian tradition. The wooden pulpit with eighteen-century decoration and the paintings of the dome, which date back to 1928, are fascinating as well. Next to the church there is the baroque convent, which has been restored on more occasions because it was used as city hospital.


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