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Archaeological Sites Parco e Chiesa rupestre di Lama d'Antico

Immagine di Parco e Chiesa rupestre di Lama d'Antico

SC Signora Munno Ottava - Fasano [Map]

  • Sunday and On Sundays and public holidays: h. 9:00 - h. 12:00 Sempre aperto

349/8241088 - 331/5735337

It's one of the largest settlements of Apulia; it was inhabited since the 10th century A.C. In fact caves have been found lodging chemist's,houses,oil mills.
The town centre featured wells and canals used for water storage. On the summit,there is a big church which includes a rectangular central nave and a smaller,lateral nave. 23 small arches are carved within the outer walls and seats are carved in the rock too.

In the middle of the apse there are some Altar remains whilst,at the end of  the lateral nave a smaller apse with an Altar and an armchair (the Episcopal Chair) are visible.

Frescoes are presently visible only in the central apse.


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