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Churches Duomo San Corrado

Immagine di Duomo San Corrado

Via Mancina - Molfetta [Map]

  • Daily: 09.00/12.00-16.00/19.00


The Duomo of San Corrado - originally dedicated to to SS. Our Lady Assumed into Heaven  -  is set on the edge of the village facing the harbor of Molfetta.Built between 1150 and the end of 1200 represents a rare example Apulian Romanesque architecture.

The construction of this asymmetric basilica layout is divided into three aisles by cruciform pillars with leaned columns.  The central nave has three cover cupolas in axis of varying heights  - the central one is considerably higher than the two lateral ones - while the side naves are covered with lean-to roofs with tiles made of chiancarelle the same type of coverage of the famous Trulli of the Itria valley.The same type of chiancarelle assembled in diamond point shape with six layers converging to the  center up for each cupola covers the three central cupolas.

The façade facing west  - nowadays is considered the main one -  is bare unlike that of the east  which has three windows  in late Renaissance style, coats of arms of senior prelates, an image of Pope Innocent VIII and the statues of St. Nicholas and St. Conrad.


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