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Churches Basilica Madonna dei Martiri

Immagine di Basilica Madonna dei Martiri

The construction of the original nucleus of the church - positioned in today's corresponding area occupied from the main altar - began in 1162 at the behest of Guglioelmo I, King of Sicily.

The current church does not coincide indeed with the original one because in 1830 the sacred building underwent substantial changes. The laying of the cornerstone of the new temple  on a single nave topped by two identical domes  was blessed by the Bishop of Ruvo di Puglia Urso. One of these two domes is still above the apsis of the church.

The arrival of the Friars Minor brought to construction of the monastery and new neoclassical church stopped by the suppression of religious orders in 1866. In 1700 a new dome was added behind the main altar  where the nineteenth-century walnut choir is currently placed.

The church was declared Papal Basilica Minor in 1987 and houses precious paintings including a praiseworthy image of Our Lady of Martyrs, transported by the Crusaders in 1188 particularly fond of  Molfetta inhabitants especially for sailors.  The religious building held also other works of art - Our Lady of the Rosary  dating back to 1574 and attributed to Michele Damasceno, the Visitation of Mary, the Death of St. Joseph, Adoration of the Magi and a wooden statue of Our Lady of Martyrs made in 1840.


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