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Monuments Torrione Passari

Immagine di Torrione Passari

The towers spread throughout the rural area of Molfetta (grouped along three imaginary lines that are Molfetta-Bitonto, Molfetta-Terlizzi and Molfetta-Ruvo-Corato) had had great historical, cultural and economic relevance throughout the hinterland of Molfettese from Middle Ages until the XVIII century. The towers were used as observation and  sighting points included into the urban tissue and  defensive structure of the city. The “Torrione del mar de’ Passari” is commonly indicated by this name for its location near a stretch of the sea and its proximity to some Passari estate belonging to the family. Because of its exposure to the elements of the sea the Tower has always been subject to substantial repairs.

In 1599 the University gave the Tower to the Gadaleta family that owned the building back to the same tower with the front on Via S. Orsola. In 1769 the heirs of the Gadaleta family sold the Palace to the family Nisio. Since then, the tower was also called Tower Nisio.


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