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Immagine di Museo Pinacoteca Mons. Achille Salvucci

In 1881 Archbishop Filippo Giudice Caracciolo ordered the construction of several museum rooms at the Episcopal Seminary, however, the establishment of the Diocesan Museum and Gallery was commissioned in 1980 by Monsignor Aldo Garzia. In the following years due to the increasing of the museum's holdings, the Diocesan Museum has had several renovations till the current reorganization. It gathers material found mostly inside the Pulo of Molfetta (IV-II millennium) and Magna Graecia-Roman craftwork and pottery.

The first collection of archaeological material from the Pulo is due to the archpriest and erudite Giovene Giuseppe Maria from Molfetta (1753-1837). Thereafter the Giovene collection was enriched by the Archdeacon Francesco Samarelli with findings from archaeological sites of Terlizzi and Bisceglie and also with contributions from private collectors. The Museum is currently organized into four different sections: archeology, sculpture, paintings, sacred vestments and silver objects .
The first section includes artifacts and exhibits found in the Pulo -large karstic sinkhole- and areas located in the countryside between the towns of Terlizzi, Bisceglie and Molfetta. This section includes Funerary and Ceremonial Vessels: Peucetian pottery (VIII-III sec. B.C.), Hellenistic ceramics coming from the most famous archaeological sites of Apulia (e.g. Egnatia, Canosa, Ruvo), as well as small sculptures, pottery, coins, weapons and bronzes.
The second section contains stone and wood sculpures. Among the stone artifacts should be mentioned: a gravestone of 1500, the portal frieze of S. Margherita’s church; a eighteenth century triptych representing S. Mary of the Martyrs, S. Corrado and S. Nicola.
The third section presents paintings: a XVII century Pietà (painting of the Virgin Mary holding and mourning over the dead body of Jesus) by Bernardo Cavallino, a paint representing the Virgin and Child, S. Raphael and Tobias and S. Nicola the Pilgrim by Corrado Giaquinto.
The fourth section sets out the sacred vestments and some silver objects of the Cathedrall treasure.


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