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Churches Chiesa Matrice

Immagine di Chiesa Matrice

The building is in Romanic-Apulia, has a façade with three portals in Renaissance style and three parts by pilasters with two mullioned windows and a canopy above the main door and a mullioned window on each side door . The church has three naves and three apses.
Inside is to be admired the fresco in the Byzantine style of S. Maria La Porta, protector of the country. From the church you can go down by two symmetrical staircases valuable in the crypt dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament. Many Corinthian columns surrounding the altar covered with silver leaf, finely chiselled carvings. The fine, slender tower of Apulia-Romanesque style is the only original part. 49 m high, is decorated with arched windows, three lights and four lights, crowned by an elegant loggia, from which rises a tower with mullioned windows, culminating in pyramidal spire. 


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