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Churches Chiesa Matrice Santa Maria Assunta

Immagine di Chiesa Matrice Santa Maria Assunta

Piazza San BenedettoO - Polignano a Mare [Map]

  • From Saturday to Sunday: 9.00-22.00


The mother church is dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption, the former cathedral of Polignano. Consecrated to the holy Virgin in 1295, the church stands on the same area formerly occupied by a pagan temple. The main entrance of the building, that can be reached through the iron gate and the courtyard, is inserted in a composite-style façade, joining romanesque and baroque elements. Divided into two orders, it shows a two-light window in the upper order.

The late renaissance elegant portal is flanked by two statues located in valuable niches valorised by pillars, capitals and a linear crowning; the bell tower, more than 23 m. high, consists of three orders, each in a different style as they were added in different ages.


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