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Churches Abbazia San Vito

Immagine di Abbazia San Vito

Località San Vito - Polignano a Mare [Map]

  • you can visit only during the Sunday Mass 9:00 am

Visitabile solo durante la Messa Domenicale delle ore 9:00

In the neighbourhood of Polignano the Abbey of Saint Vito is particulary relevant from the historical point of view and located in the homonymous sea village. Remains of the ancient roman statio were found recently during archaeological excavations carried oit around the abbey.

The 1200  abbey is today the house of many inhabitants of the village of Saint Vito.The imposing building originated around the chapel preserving the St. Vito's relics.

During the sixth and eight centuries the martyr's corpse was preserved by a group of basilian monks who lived in the underground caves of the present village. It had been donated to them by the princess of Salerno, Fiorenza.

According to a legend, the noble woman had been saved by St. Vito from drowning in the sele river. The Saint asked her to transfer his remains and the ones of the teacher Saints Modesto and Crescenza to the locus marianus. Fiorenza got a church built in the place where she had been saved.


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