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Historical Buildings Palazzo Jatta

Immagine di Palazzo Jatta

The building rises in the heart of the town of Ruvo and is characterized by a simple and harmonious façade carved in local stone.

The mansion commissioned in 1840 maintains the typical arrangement of noble residences for the rooms on the first floor. The premises overlooking the courtyard housed once the carriage house, stables, warehouses and the Administrative Office of the Jatta farm. A wide and elegant staircase embellished by some eighteenth-century marble busts and alabaster glass - allows access to the the main floor and is set inside the hallway. It is with no doubt an elegant mansion, a solid and compact structure balanced in proportions denoting a state of comfortable life.

"Palazzo Jatta" represents the will of the heirs of the family to offer to the public an integrated experience to visit the famous National Archaeological Museum Jatta.


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