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Libraries/Museums/Art Galleries Museo Archeologico Nazionale Jatta

Immagine di Museo Archeologico Nazionale Jatta

Piazza Bovio, 35 - Ruvo di Puglia [Map]

  • Monday to Wednesday: 8,30 - 13,30
  • Friday to Sunday: 8,30 - 13,30
  • Thursday and Saturday: 8,30 - 19,30


The findings kept in the Museum were collected by the archaeologist Giovanni Jatta in the early nineteenth century. Later it was enriched by the homonymous grandson, and was given to the State in the XX Century. The museum made up of four halls containing ceramic material almost exclusively from the Magna Grecia area - occupies the ground floor of the nineteenth-century Jatta Palace. It gathers also material from the wide and rich Peucetian necropolis of Ruvo di Puglia that has sustained loss in the last centuries becouse of unauthorized diggings. Jatta collection formed from 1820 to 1842 was first intended to the kingdom of Naples and later hosted in Ruvo di Puglia.

It was conceived and built a museum-house outside the city in order to accommodate the two parts of the collection until then divided between the former home of the family of Ruvo and the neapolitan residence of Giovanni Jatta.  
1st   Room It has been called ‘The simple pottery room’ becouse of the low-valuable pottery collected insisde.
2nd Room Inside the second room are exposed about seven hundred jars, some produced in Greece, others are of local manufacture.
3rd Room In the middle of the third room is set the marble bust of Giovanni Jatta to whom we owe the improvement and gathering of the entire collection. This room is known for the presence of particular cups –having human or animal shape- called rhyta.
4th Room The final room of the museum holds the most valuable, beautiful and renowned vessels, including the most important of Talos. In the room there are also many metal items (mainly bronze) such as buttons, handles, pieces of armor (from Murgia area), black-figure vases and jewelry in glass paste (crushed glass and mixed).


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