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Churches Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta

Immagine di Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta

Largo Cattedrale - Ruvo di Puglia [Map]

  • Daily: 09.00/12.00-17.00/20.00


The Cathedral of Ruvo di Puglia is one of the best known examples of Apulian Romanesque style. It was built between the XII and XIII century with several subsequent amendments.

The facade has a hut shape with 3 portals: the central portal is the largest and is enriched with bas-reliefs in the intrados, probably from an earlier building depicting Christ and the Twelve Apostles, reworkings of iconographic subjects relating to the Savior and other plant motifs. The two side doors are smaller and poorer and are located on two half-columns that provide support for two pointed arch.


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