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Castles Castello Centurione

Immagine di Castello Centurione

Quadrangular building, with four corner towers. Certainly the building existed already 'in 1504 as confirmed by an inscription on a limestone slab that refers to a "Palace nomine Centurion" and to his vassal Centurion Heronimo. From 1609 up to 1667 the Centurion palace was owned by Michael Vaaz founder of the town. In 1667 his nephew sold the estate to the Royal Councilor Antonio de Ponte.

The castle was restored by De Conte in 1675 and passed by inheritance to the Caracciolo di Vietri in 1779 that in 1860, completely transformed the castel in mansion for summer vacation by the architect of Casamassima, Ascanio Amenduni. He makes widen the entry doorways, realizes the crenellated towers, the prospectus coated with ashlar limestone, double lancet windows and the internal staircase. Between the first and second world war undergoes further work with the reconstruction of the ceiling on the second floor and the construction of two more crenellated towers. From 1991 until 2001 were carried out other restoration work by the architects Stefano Netti and Lorenzo White who tried to restore the structure, at least inside, to its original appearance. In 1971 the Town Council bought the castel from the Caracciolo family and in 1974 was turned into a Museum of Rural Civilisation.  


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