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Churches Basilica Santa Maria De Finibus Terrae

Immagine di Basilica Santa Maria De Finibus Terrae

The temple was probably built on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Minerva. Destroyed under the emperor Galerio, the christian temple was rebuilt and consacrated in honour of the Virgin Mary in 343 by Pope Giulio. After a tumultuous period ender by the capitulator of Otranto in 1480, the temple was rebuilt in 1507by Del Balzo a gentleman of Alessano. In 1720 the edifice was entiraly remade as it stands today, its external aspect more similar to a fortified palace than to a church. Palmas original picture was destroyed in 1537 but a copy was later executed by is nephew, Giacomo Palma jr. it too was partially destroyed in 1624. The central piece depicting the Vergin and child was spared and now venerated on the principle altar. 


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