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Historical Buildings Palazzo Marchesale Caracciolo Carafa

Immagine di Palazzo Marchesale Caracciolo Carafa

The Marquisial Palace was built in 1576 by the Marquis Ottavio Caracciolo, as testifies the writing carved on the facade that opens onto Piazza Garibaldi.

The building was set against the ancient city walls and surrounded by a moat to protect and defend it. It keeps the original structure characterized by the typical sixteenth century ashlar. The facade overlooking Piazzola Square is characterized by a ashlar big portal. On the back of the building the wonderful courtyard named "Riding" by the Caracciolo family because was used for the passage and refreshments of horses. The two lions represent the coat-of-armsof the Marquis Caracciolo who came into possession of the building in inheritance. The mansion still looks like an imposing marquisial residence until 1826 when were opened five shops that are still on the ground floor of the building.


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