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  • 6 stay-nights in Hostel.
  • 1 Adventurous Park entrance ticket to feel strong emotions and enjoy the Nature.
  • 1 bike tour around the countryside and 1 entrance ticket to Castellana’s Caves.
  • 1 entrance ticket to a sandy beach (Facilities include parasols, sun beds and entertainment ).
  • 1 horse tour in 
  • 1 local products tasting in a “Masseria” or a “Winery”: wine, dairy products, “Taralli”, “Focaccia”..
  • 1 free activity: (between different activities: boat trips, rent a bicycle, sea & water activities, etc.)
  • With this package you will receive a complimentary  free gift...a great traditional ice cream of Polignano, the most famous and the best of the region.

Moreover, if you buy this package you’ll get offers and discounts in several bars, restaurants and shops in our province. (**Minimum group size:  6 people )

per person € 395.00


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