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Churches Cattedrale San Sabino

Immagine di Cattedrale San Sabino

Corso San Sabino - Canosa di Puglia [Map]

  • Daily: 08.00-13.00 17.00-20.00

The cathedral of Canosa has very ancient origins, perhaps identifiable with the pre-existence of a paleochristian building.

The first news about the church date back to the IX century a.d. when the bishop Pietro moved there from the cathedral of Saint Peter the corpse of the Saint, a bishop who lived in the VI century, that was preserved  in the crypt-sacellum of the present cathedral. The building appears therefore in unstable balance  between two worlds: the longobard west and the byzantine east.

It was restored by the Normans in the XI century and was dedicated to Saint Sabinus in 1102 by Pope Pasquale II.

In 1118 the church got the important title of Norman Palatine Basilica.


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