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SECI Consulting is a company located in Italy, precisely in the region of Apulia, which aims to create highly innovative solutions, especially in the field of tourism, through a cooperation with other companies operating in the sector of incoming tourism in Apulia and Basilicata.

The SECI Consulting team consists of specialists with over 10 years experience in the sector.

Our team consists of creative and organizational guidance of qualified professionals in the tourism sector which, thanks to painstaking work by the management team of marketing, product development and coordination of operational and commercial Tour.

Thanks to the strong experience and the passion for our land, we are tourist reference point in Apulia, to guide you in a wonderful trip with stays rich of motivations and discoveries of unique itineraries for a different holiday. We will follow in the searching way and in the use of all the services, so that you can consistently rely on our support for any clarification (Our Team is available all year) and you will not have to do that trust us: We will help you to select and to book your perfect holiday, as well as to organize a tailor-made travel between Taste, Art, Culture, Romanticism, Health, Nature, Sea and Sports.

Our extensive catalogue offers packages with accommodations choices amongst the most skilled, beautiful and welcoming of Apulia: Hotel and B&b, each with the sophistication of its settings and the particularly warm welcome.

All guests receive a service that will be completely unique and the possibility to establish a personal relationship with the territory.

The digital revolution has changed every facet of our lifes profoundly. Every day, Smartphone and tablet go with more than 50% of Italians in their daily activities. These are the new contact points between companies and clients.

In view of the above, mobile technologies are a strength point for companies. Today, having a web site on the Internet is not enough. It is necessary show ourselves and get the most number of devices. Our mobile marketing services are based on solutions that offer the possibility to satisfy the clients needs who want gain exposure and so increase their sales.

Our privileged spokeperson are:

  • Residents/Tourists
  • Public Corporations
  • Tour Operator / Commercial


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